Burning Goblins

The burning goblins
The burning goblins D&D adventure cover

An adventure for level 1-3 characters.

The quiet village of Greenfork is in a state of uproar, scarred twisted looking goblins raided the village during the night and kidnapped the miller’s daughter. The Mayor has put out a call for adventurers to bring the girl back safely and end the goblins threat once and for all. This adventure starts just outside the village of Greenfork and thrusts players straight into the action.

Burning Goblins is a fantastic first adventure for new players, but more importantly this adventure was designed with first time Games Masters in mind, giving you as many tools as possible to help run the game.

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Beastmaster’s Daughter

Beastmaster’s daughter D&D adventure cover

An adventure for level 3 characters.

The party left Carlin Town and is travelling west along a road whose only destination is the Aldritch Research Centre and Zoo. To the south is The Fen, a hostile swamp land.

The research centre and zoo is owned and operated by the Wizard Aldritch, a very old and powerful mage who is extremely well-connected politically. His daughter Raven Aldritch runs the day to day operations, including arrangements for the capture of new specimens.

The magical shields that keep the specimens in their enclosures failed during the recent massive lightning storm and the Research Centre is over-run with monsters trying to get out. Wizard Aldritch is away and Raven has to deal with the crisis herself. She is looking for a group of adventurers to help her solve the problem. She doesn’t want the specimens killed, simply put back in their enclosures. Her Father has an amulet that will re-initiate the shields but it’s in his Inner Sanctum which she is magically barred from entering.

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The Siege of Sâlorium

An adventure for level 1-3 characters.

Hundreds of refugees have been forced to leave their homes and take refuge in the city of Slorium after a giant cloud of ash covered the atmosphere of the region. The citizens look terrified to the skies looking for an explanation, but do not know that an even greater threat awaits underground.

Over the last week, the city has been rocked by the arrival of hundreds of refugees from nearby areas. They have left their homes due to a gigantic cloud of ash and dirt that destroyed their crops and livestock. The authorities of the city have placed the refugees in a provisional camp on the grounds of the School of Magic while they decide how to deal with the situation. The truth is that no one in the city knows why the cloud formed, and paranoia among residents is growing by the day.

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We had launched our App DigitalD20!

We have dedicated a lot of time and effort to the project. We hope you like it and we await your comments to improve the App.

You can download it in the PlayStore and iTunes. The App is in English and Spanish and you can play it in the D20 system or new 5index-gateª Ed.

‘The Siege os Sâlorium’ is the first Adventure designed for DigitalD20 and we wish you enjoy it!