Beta released for friends and family

Hey! we are not dead, we are just taking our time!

We are very confident that we will release the final version before summer 2016.

Rigth now, our friends are testing the application and we are getting very good feedback so long. If you work for any media and want to write a review of dd20 aplication, just send us a message and we will invite you to test a demo version.

At this time the content is only in spanish. We are going to pay for a professional translation into english, but we accept fan translation into other languages (we do not have budget for that yet).



Take a look at the beta version that is going to be released…

We will launch first in Google Play and in Spanish, and after a few weeks on testing we will add English language and iPad/iPhone version.
So rigth now we can say that we are looking for translators in any language from our spanish version.

We have made huge changes in order to improve readability from the version of the KickStarter. Finaly, we decided for two fixed columns (1/3, 2/3). On the rigth you will have the adventure itself like in a PDF, but with the big benefit from hyperlinks. On the left you will have DnD 3.5 manual perfectly hyperlinked also, all the rules information about what can characters perceive in this scene (at glance), the expected information without the players should leave the scene (conclusion) and all the images, videos and music related with the scene.

Please feel free to make any comments!



Failed KickStarter, but stay tunned…

First, thanks to all the people that has supported us.

The Kickstarter has ended and we have not reached our objective. We need to analyze in detail what has happened but probably our main problems have been that we have not reached many people (only 1.500 views), our English made some people suspicious and finally some others did not understood well the project idea (they thought that is was another RPG tool).

We think that people need to see a demo in order to start believing in us. That is why we are going to deliver a playable demo of what could be DigitalD20 in the following months…

Stay tuned for something awesome !


Mil gracias a todos los que nos habeis apoyado. Lamentablemente no hemos podido financiar el proyecto. Ahora nos toca reflexionar sobre que hemos podido hacer mal. Seguramente no hemos llegado a la suficiente gente (1500 visitas) y además muchos no han entendido nuestro mensaje.

Creemos que la mejor solución es preparar una demostración de lo que puede llegar a ser DigitalD20 y de esta forma conseguir que la gente empieze a creer en nosotros.

Estar preparados por que algo grande se avecina!

11% funded!! Thanks to our backers


We’ve reached the 11% of the funds we need to support our project. Thanks to all the backers who have trusted in us. Let’s see if we can 100%!!


Ya hemos alcanzado el 11% de los fondos que necesitamos para financiar nuestra idea. Gracias a todos los patrocinadores que han confiado en nostros. ¡¡Vamos a ver si logramos el 100%!!

First Goal unlocked!!

goalcloud unlockedThank you all for sharing our project, thanks to all of you that helped us to unlock our first Goal: Cloud Service. With our Cloud Service, the users will be able to have on hand the sheet and the story of the character. Also, if you register your campaign online, you could create a control panel for the Master to manage the game.

Thanks again!


¡¡Hemos desbloqueado nuestra primera meta!!

Gracias a todos por compartir nuestro proyecto, lo que nos ha permitido desbloquear nuestra primera meta: El Servicio en la Nube. Con nuestro Servicio en la Nube tendréis siempre vuestra ficha y la historia del personaje a mano. Además, si registras tu campaña online, podrás crear un panel de control para que el Master gestione la partida.

¡Gracias de nuevo!

Our Story

Hello! We are two friends, Fernando Garcia and Fernando Setién, that have been playing RPGs  since we were child: afternoons and evenings enjoying amazing adventures that forged our live. Over time, other kind of duties such as family or work has decreased the time we could use for our loved hobby. From one or twice a week we moved to once a month then even with less frequency.

On those chances that we managed to play it was really annoying to waste part of the time remembering the plot or searching rules on the manuals. Talking with similar groups of players we realized that this was a common problem for more people. It was also hard to find the time for the master to prepare good adventures. Then, how could we improve the time we spend playing Role Games when the time is so scarce? That was our starting point on looking for solutions.

First, if we could create modules with all the information required to be played? And, what if we could create a simpler way to move from characters and physical places making easier to remember the state of the plot? And if those modules were be completely adaptable to any campaign? In order to answer all this questions DD20 emerged, that pretends to aim the use of new technologies with the spirit of the classic hobby that some many hours of fun has given us.

Moreover, we think that Digital D20 can make younger generations enroll on tabletop Role Playing Games.  They love their phones and their tablets, and it is difficult to change that trend of ludic consumption.

Introducing Role Games in a format more familiar for younger, it will be easier to join us in this fabulous passion.

Now, you know what we want to create and why. We give thanks to Kickstater the opportunity to share our project. And now, let see if there are still enough people in love with RPGs to make this happen. We are waiting for your support and thanks in advance. Alea jacta est!

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We are launched!!!

Launch partyAt last! After many months of work and sleepless nights DD20 is already here. It has been a long time since started to forge the idea until we define the actual concept. We have devoted much time and care to this project that has also caused us more than a headache (it is quite tricky to launch a crowdfunding project from Spain!)

But here we are; now we only have to wait to see if it is enough interesting for you and then move forward with our dream. This is just the beginning.

Here you have a photo with some friends who attended DD20 launch. Thank you all for supporting us.

¡Por fin! después de muchos meses de trabajo y desvelos ya estamos en marcha. Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que comenzamos a fraguar la idea hasta que por fin hemos podido ponerla en marcha, un proyecto al que hemos dedicado mucho tiempo y cariño y que también nos ha provocado más de un dolor de cabeza (¡que complicado es lanzar un proyecto de crodwfunding desde España!)

Pero ya estamos aquí, ahora nos queda esperar a que nuestra idea os parezca lo suficientemente interesante y que podamos seguir adelante con nuestro sueño, porque esto es sólo  el principio.

Os dejamos una foto con algunos de los amigos que asistieron a la fiesta que hicimos con motivo del lanzamiento de DigitalD20. Gracias a todos por apoyarnos.