Virtual Tabletop Launched!

The time had to come, and it has! Our own virtual board is ready and, after going through a beta phase with some of our users, you have it available to enjoy it from now on!

We wanted to give priority to simplicity over complicated and effective mechanics, and the board does what it has to do: display a map, the characters and monsters, and roll the dice. Everything within reach of anyone and without prior registration.

It’s so simple that it requires no explanation, so we’ve created some videos to show you how some of the board’s mechanics work. For example, the map background or character and monster tokens, in different sizes:

Easy, right? We have also incorporated fog of war so that it can be applied as quickly as possible, in the form of rectangles, like this:

And all that’s left is the dice. We have opted for quality configurable 3d dice, to take into account the performance of all computers. Ease of use and handling, and colour settings so that the Dungeon Master can identify each roll at a glance.

In short, a useful and easy to use board so you don’t have to invest in learning how to use it for a while that you could use in playing with it directly.

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