What is DigitalD20?

D20 tabletop RPG Campaigns designed to be mastered through a tablet interface

Digital d20 is a platform for distributing and playing adventures in a new digital format that aims to change the way the adventures are prepared and ran, with the help of new technologies, but maintaining the romanticism of paper and pencil.

With Digitald20 you will have all the information required to run a single module in a fast and way. But that is not all, Digital d20 is much more than a digital publication; it relays in the new interface Gamethrough.

Gamethrough interface

Gamethrough is the interface that the gamemaster will use during any Digital d20 module. It is born to optimize the time taken to prepare and play an adventure. Gamethrough provides a natural and friendly interface simplifying the labor of gamemastering and making easier the annoying task of consulting any kind of data as spells, monsters, maps, etc.  

It also shows an interactive map that reflects the chronological moment, the physical place where the players are situated on the plot and the possible future situations where the players could go. This simplifies the gamemastering of non lineal adventures, where the decisions of the players change the curse of the story, and there is also a huge quantity of non playing characters and events that could be met or happen.


Digital d20 does not leave away the paper and pen spirit. The games will continue to be run on same way but with the help of technology.


Digital d20 campaign strong points will be the plot development and the deepness of non-playing characters, places and events. In fact, our objective is that they could be enjoyed like a good novel or a TV series. We want to make each group of players to feel how the world changes around as they take their own decisions.


We develop for the main tablet platforms Android and iOS. Our App is downloadable at the respective markets, which will embed a WebKit for loading HTML5 + CSS content.


We are releasing in English and Spanish adventures, and we are willing to add more languages.

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13 replies on “What is DigitalD20?”

I love what you guys are doing. This is such a great idea. I would loge to be a part of it. Are you guys hiring coders or writers?

Rigth now, we are looking for partners, we are thinking on existing editoriales. This way we could publish a lot of content very fast.
But if we do not manage to make any good alliance, we will move directly to look for writers, artist and coders.

Thanks for you interest.

Yes, that is our next step. We are going to sing with and press very son (non-exclusive). Once we start working with them, we Will use this background to reach people on dmsguild.
You cannot get an idea of how does people ignore you. The only ones that have not ignored us are the biggest ones like WoTC and Paizo and the ones we have reached them in person.

Thanks for your interest. Still thinking what to do next. As we said before, if do not manage to make a good agreement with a publisher we will move directly to writers, artist and coders.

This seems like it would be a WONDERFUL platform for community-published content. Is there any way I can use your app to run my own adventures? I love your interface and your introductory adventure looks really fun but I’m not willing to start running a game with this app if there’s no way for me to add my own content.

Your lucky Rob, we are working on a way for runing campaings by your own using digitald20 interface.
If you want, we could arrange a demo access before we finnaly release it,

The point is that for a really good and easy interface we should go for a Kickstarter as it Will require much more work.


I totally agree with thorvindr: I would definitely be happy to pay for a platform like this, if I can put my own adventures in it! Any news?

We have been probably wasting time trying to make alliances in order to be able to release more content at once. Now, we are thinking on patreon or kicksarter model. We will inform soon.

I love your base concept here. As a long time gamer and DM I think this is the way to go for one shots and short campaigns. I would love to be notified of any crowd funding you do.

Thanks! We finnaly made an agreement with a press, now we will try to fill the platform with much more content.
Next step, will be become more visible and might include a crowd funding.

When you talk about crowd funding, you are thinking on more content or on tools for the DMs?

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